Black Garlic and Olive Oil: a gift for the body and mind

Tasting a clove of black garlic for the first time, raw, is an unforgettable experience.

Although initially reminiscent of garlic in the mouth, it immediately surprises with its sweetness at the back of the palate, slightly reminiscent of plums, while delicately unfolding salty notes.

This delicacy, of Japanese origin, was discovered by chance by a researcher while looking for a way to make garlic more digestive.
It is obtained as a result of the Maillard reaction, leaving the garlic to ferment with the skin on at a gentle and constant temperature of 65 to 80 ºC and a controlled high humidity, in a long process of natural maturation.

Among the many properties of black garlic are its impressive antioxidant and energising action, facilitates liver function, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties, and is a natural antibiotic.
In addition, it does not leave bad breath, does not repeat and does not cause digestive discomfort.

The slow maceration of this superfood in our extra virgin olive oil generates organoleptic changes in the oil, combining perfectly and enhancing the excellent qualities of both elements. The result is an oil that is as delicious as it is extraordinary, a source of health and life.

Looking for culinary inspiration? Here is an innovative recipe, ideal for making the most of this new cherry season.

Nothing Traditional Black Garlic and Cherry Gazpacho

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