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Elizondo Oils

Elizondo is a company that makes the quality, exquisiteness and exclusivity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the premises and objectives of a work of long trajectory and experience in the sector.

Our olive-growing tradition goes back several generations, who have contributed their wisdom, know-how and passion to the cultivation, development, care and harvesting of our olive trees over the years.

This family legacy of centuries-old estates is scattered throughout the Guadalquivir valley, from the Sierra de Cazorla to La Loma.

Our determination to achieve the excellence of our oil leads us to personally control the entire process, from production to marketing.

Our olive oil

Our varieties of olive oil, picual and royal, are harvested between the end of October and the beginning of November, before veraison, when the fruit is still green and preserves all its organoleptic attributes, maximum splendour in fruitiness, aromas and flavour, meeting the demands of the most sybarite palates.

Careful harvesting and transport of the fruit in boxes, avoiding damage to the fruit.

The proximity of the oil mill guarantees immediate, cold milling, always below 22 degrees, with the utmost care using the most advanced and modern machinery.