Luxury natural dark chocolate 200 ml

AOVE Luxury flavours natural dark chocolate

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Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with an exclusive ingredient such as cocoa, providing all the Mayan magic present in its natural aroma, in a luxury presentation created for the most demanding and sybarite palates.

Shake before use.

Warning: Oleic acid solidifies below 5°C and does not affect the product.

10,90 IVA Incl.

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Luxury flavours chocolate natural black

Bottle of Olive Oil flavoured with Natural Cocoa pods.

Olive oil from the Picual olive variety, flavoured in maceration with natural cocoa pods, a variety known as Theobroma Cacao. This product is made in a completely handmade way, obtaining a product of chocolate aroma with wild and natural touches that are unseen in the market.

Cacao Pod / Dark Chocolate, Theobroma Cacao variety. In Greek, its name means “food of the gods”, and it is a plant native to Central and South America. The cocoa nut was a product of worship for the Mayans, who considered it a delicious gift from nature, as it contains substances that make it an excellent antioxidant and antidepressant. Today it is undoubtedly considered a great superfood for all its health benefits, as well as being one of the most acclaimed gastronomic pleasures in history.

Tasting notes

The bitter taste emerges in a balanced way and is complemented by the flavour reminiscent of black coffee. Sweet and sour notes appear towards the middle, giving the whole a variable rhythm. The sweetness, towards the middle of the tasting, is perhaps a little too noticeable, which makes the other flavours take a back seat. Overall it is balanced and harmonious, creating a bitter aromatic interplay between the cocoa flavour and the particularities of chocolate.


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