Luxury natural black truffle 200 ml

AOVE Luxury flavours natural black truffle

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Select infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with all the exclusivity of the natural black truffle slices, a variety of Spanish origin, which macerate inside. A careful luxury presentation to enhance the excellence of a product created by and for the most gourmet palates.

Shake before use.

Warning: Oleic acid solidifies below 5°C and does not affect the product.

10,90 IVA Incl.

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Luxury flavours, AOVE with natural black truffles

Bottle of Olive Oil flavoured with slices of Natural Black Truffle.

Olive oil from the Picual olive variety, aromatised in maceration with natural black truffle slices of the Aestivum variety, produced in the traditional way. This superior quality truffle variety of Spanish origin grows in the Mediterranean forests of the Iberian Peninsula.

Black truffle, Tuber Aestivum variety. Also known as “Trufa de Verano” or “Trufa de San Juan”, this native variety grows in the Mediterranean forests of Teruel. They are pampered throughout the year by their producers, to extract them in the traditional way, as has always been done, with machetes and dogs. All the pieces are harvested at their optimum point of ripeness between May and August. A fresh, healthy, exclusive and high quality product that is highly appreciated in gastronomy.

Tasting notes

The wart-like skin contrasts with a firm, fleshy, whitish or ivory-coloured gleba. Its branched veins, also white, very numerous and fine. Pleasant and characteristic taste. Lightness with charm. Soft hints of wood and mushrooms add a crisp and select touch to any dish.


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