Luxury natural black garlic 200 ml

AOVE Luxury flavours natural black garlic

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Select infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with all the exclusivity of natural black garlic cloves, a 100% Spanish product, which macerate inside. A careful luxury presentation to enhance the excellence of a product created by and for the most gourmet palates.

Shake before use.

Warning: Oleic acid solidifies below 5°C and does not affect the product.

10,90 IVA Incl.

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Luxury flavours natural black garlic

Bottle of Olive Oil flavoured with Natural Black Garlic cloves.

Olive oil from the Picual olive variety, flavoured in maceration with natural black garlic cloves of the Allium Nigrum variety, produced in a traditional way. This variety of garlic from Cordoba is a type of caramelised garlic obtained using traditional Japanese techniques.

Black garlic, variety Allium Nigrum. This product, which comes from Cordoba and is made using traditional methods, is a type of caramelised garlic. It is obtained with a Japanese technique from the Maillard reaction (no fermentation) of common garlic, through a long process of natural maturation, without any other ingredients, additives or preservatives. An antioxidant, tasty and versatile delicacy, a common ingredient in what is known as “haute cuisine”, and with surprising gastronomic and medicinal qualities.

Tasting notes

Smaller in volume than common garlic, it is characterised by its jet black colour and charred appearance, in contrast to its soft, creamy texture.
The texture is very pleasant on the palate. It has a deep but mild flavour, with slightly fruity notes, creating a curious blend of sweet, sour and salty nuances. Considered a superfood by nutritionists.


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