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We welcome you to our blog aceiteselizondo.com, a space where we will present you with contents and experiences to bring you even closer to the world of olive oil.

Olive oil is a fascinating product… Not only because of the great benefits it brings to our health and wellbeing, many of which are so famous and well-known today, but also because of everything that lies behind a good olive oil: the gastronomic tradition of our land, the cultural and heritage legacy, the influence on haute cuisine, and the global claim of the Spanish brand.

At Aceites Elizondo we work in the continuous search for excellence in our products. Get the best product, to bring to your table and home.

Join us every week to find out new curiosities about our products, innovative recipes to challenge your culinary skills, tips for use and relevant news related to the world of the olive grove. See you soon!

We provide the oil, but you do the magic.

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